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Concept image for the 2010 "Raw" theme.

2010 : Genius

The “Genius” Issue tackles the role of fashion and creativity in larger social and political contexts. “Generation Change” by Linh Le discusses the role the arts play in empowering youth around the world; “La Lienne d’Alès” by Jenna Muller describes the history of PHYTO; “Designing Policy” by Dr. Will Thomas applies good design to policy making; “Race, Fashion, and Identity” by Kim Singletary discusses the issue of race in fashion; and Robyn Russo profiles Swiss performance artist Clarina Bezolla, who works with fashion as art. We also profile Nomi Ansari, Chez Kevito, and Crooked Monkey. “Student Uprising,” is a fashion editorial photographed in Dallas by Sara Kerens, in New York by Giselle Behrens, and in Washington DC by Danny Kim featuring the work of student designers Jonathan Aparicio, Alana Leuterio, Marissa Morales, Adam Paik, Kim Troung, and Michael Van Maele. We conclude with an interview by Ryan Charchian with Alexis Foreman, a 16 year-old member of Seventeen Magazine’s Style Council.

2010 : Workers

The “Worker” issue celebrates the people who toil, as our lead essay suggests, “Behind The Seams.” Our staff writers profiled a seamstress, a pattern maker, a milliner, a cobbler, a textile designer, and a design educator, describing each person’s background and their craft. Foreign Policy Digest writer Mahanth Joishy discusses the darker side of the fashion industry in “Sweat Equity,” a piece on child sweatshop labor in South Asia that is beautifully illustrated by artist Christopher Cunetto. Peruse our program summary to see how FFP is working with Kiva around the world to provide micro-loans and opportunities to artisans in Uganda, Praguay and Peru. “ManMade” is our first ever all-male ethical fashion editorial photographed by Michael Dumlao and featuring the styling of Will Lawry, the fashion designs of Bill Johnson, and words on bespoke style by Patrick Peterson. “Artisan Style” by Shannon Kielty and photographed by Sara Kerens outlines ways to incorporate handicrafts into one’s wardrobe.

2010 : Raw

Our “Raw” issue launches in Spring 2010 with an introduction to this year’s “Raw” theme. “Raw” is about nurturing untapped creative energy, asserting creativity over trends, artisanship over mass-production, natural fibers over synthetics, young ideas over cynicism, and opportunity over poverty. “Raw” is a return to the “primal” state of making clothes and art for both spiritual nourishment and economic survival. It is a celebration of fashion not as protection from the elements, but as artistic adornment that expresses a person’s identity and vision of the world.

The current "Raw" issue features: an introduction to Eco and Ethical fashion written by Sarah Magallanes and illustrated by Abby Greenawalt; a forest-bohemian-style fashion spread by the ever-talented Jodi King; an essay on Sri Lanka's commitment to sustainable apparel production writen by Brownwen DeSena and illustrated by Michael Muscenti; program updates by Yvette Castro; and ethical style tips by Elaine Mensah and shot by Walter Grio. Click names to view bios.