7 years of fashionable, responsible happenings

A representation of the anticipation (and anxiety) that reverberates backstage at every fashion show.

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What started in 2005 as an idea amongst friends who were passionate about fashion and global issues has since grown to a multi-event campaign with outreach and partnerships throughout the world. In 2007, Fashion Fights Poverty successfully launched FFP-Miami (a first-of-its kind fashion extravaganza featuring the ethical designs of Orangia). In 2007, FFP also launched the inaugural Fashion Fights Poverty Forum where panelists from across the fashion, development and corporate communities address the question "Can Fashion Fight Poverty." In 7 years, FFP has introduced Washington DC (and in some cases, the U.S.) to over 40 socially responsible designers - and the list grows year after year. Amidst the glamour and beauty of couture, however, shines a unifying message: that Fashion (both industry and consumers) have a responsibility to consider how "looking good" impacts humanity and the environment. FFP carries an important mandate: to broaden the dialogue about global poverty and educate consumers and citizens alike on how their choices can change the world.