Retail Ethical Rankings from "The Ethical Company Organisation" — or, "Why don't we have stuff like this in the US?"

New Ethical Rankings for High Street Retailers

Our Ethical Research Department has just published its new ethical comparison research into 21 High Street Retailers – and there are certainly some interesting results.

The researchers examined the real ethical records of each of the 21 main high street retail companies across several ethical criteria – including animal welfare, human rights and environmental impact. No company is perfect and all could improve further still. There was a significant variation in ethical standards, with Ethical Company Index scores ranging from 92 to just 54.

Congratulations and the highest overall Ethical Company Index scores go to People Tree, Next and Seasalt . These 3 all showed a consistent and largely uncriticised record across ALL our 13 ethical criteria – which include human rights, animal welfare, codes of conduct, ethical accreditation, armaments and political donations.

Marks and Spencer, Zara and New Look were in the following pack – all coming 4th equal on an Ethical Company Index score of 85.

Seasalt are especially commended for being the first high street retailer to have successfully applied for full Ethical Accreditation – thereby guaranteeing an extra level of 3rd party audit across the whole ethical spectrum. Seasalt joins the following companies which have successfully applied for Ethical Accreditation and are rightfully seen as the premier league of ethical companies :-

Innocent, Arena Flowers, Brother UK (office equipment), Bhive, Burns Pet Nutrition, Caurnie Soap Company, Cleanspace Partnership, Ecology Building Society, Eskimo Media, Ethical Investments, Ethical Transport Association, Fishwalk, Fushi, Good Energy (100% renewable electricity), the Green Awards, Green Energy, Green People (organic animal friendly health & beauty), The Green Shop, Green Stationary Company, Green Your Office, Hemp Garden, Honesty Cosmetics (animal friendly cosmetics), Innocent Drinks, Investing Ethically, Kawa Bean, Medivac, Mooncup (re-usable menstrual cup), Natural Collection, Natura Organics, Naturally So, Natural by Nature Oils, Natural Organic Soap, One Life Events Ltd, Organico, Plain Lazy (ethical clothing label), Redwood Wholefoods, Sainsburys, Satellite Media (ethical communications agency), Shared Interest, Skiano Atmos, Second Nature, Siesta, Terramar Organic (organic clothing company) and Tropical Wholefoods and Zed PR.

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