Celebrate the Planet all year-round!

April 22nd, 2011

Fashion Fights Poverty wants you to celebrate Earth Day everyday!

One of the key components to our mission to raise awareness for initiatives that encourage and support creative, effective, and sustainable means of challenging global poverty is to encourage eco-friendly and socially responsible shopping decisions year-round.

Now it is easier than ever to look good, feel good and do good for yourself, your community and the Planet.

Check out a few local options that we know you will enjoy for Earth Day and beyond:

FFP Fashion Swap: Free shopping is possible. Out with the items you no longer like and in with the “new to you”. One example is the handbag swap we held this past week at Spring Beauty Night Out. More than 100 handbags were exchanged. The remaining bags will be sold at Tari Boutique to support the Woodrow Wilson High School Clothing and Textile Program’s Summer Field Trip. A special thanks to all who participated.

Thrift and Consignment Shopping: Here’s another way to find “new to you” items you will love. The three “R”s we all know have never looked more trendy. Reduce your clutter by recycling and reusing. Great places include Goodwill, Current Boutique, Mint Condition, Tari Boutique, Meeps and Annie Creamcheese, to name a few.

Explore up and coming, eco-friendly designers at DC’s newest boutique, Carbon. They are celebrating Earth Day with an Eco-Show. Click here for more information.

Eat and sleep in style and in tune with the environment at Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants. All week Kimpton Properties have been exhibiting locally created, recycled material art pieces. For more information on the Recycled/Trash Art Show and Earthy Kimpton Properties happenings, click here.

Happy Earth Day!